What privileges are given to "Temurbeks"?

The length of study at the "Temurbek School" is two years, and the annual admission quota for each is 100 people.

29.04.2024 02:51
Schools have increased by 660 in the last 5 years

At the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year, the number of general education institutions operating was 10,750.

28.04.2024 11:00
Are religious school children smarter? - research

Researchers have found that private religious schools are more effective in preparing students for citizenship.

27.04.2024 12:02
Types of kindergarten in America

In the United States, the choice of kindergarten and educational program often depends on a family's financial capabilities.

25.04.2024 10:32



When should a child play sports?

It can be given to any sports club according to the wishes of a 6-year-old child. But the most useful for them during this period are swimming, rhythmic gymnastics and football.

29.04.2024 17:55

Risk factors of rickets in children

If not treated in time, as the child grows, the chances of crooked bones increase. Bending of the spine, downward bending of the chest, bending of the legs in the form of "X" or "O", flat feet appear. Incorrect development of internal organs, mental retardation may occur.

29.04.2024 15:08

At what age can a child's clumsiness be determined?

Have you noticed that your child picks up toys and other objects with only his left hand? No need to worry about that.

27.04.2024 11:56


Is the duty of the husband different from that of the wife?

Husband and wife enjoy equal rights and have equal obligations in the family.

28.04.2024 15:00

Will teachers be fired if they fail to pass the certification?

If pedagogues do not show up for attestation for a good reason, their attestation will be transferred to another term.

28.04.2024 13:00

How is a pledge agreement for alimony drawn up?

The direct source of income of some persons paying alimony is related to going abroad, migration.

27.04.2024 11:13


What should be important when choosing a name?

Every parent tries to give their child a beautiful and meaningful name.

28.04.2024 09:00

For the first time, children with heart defects were operated on using a robot

Doctors of two clinics in Barcelona, Spain, performed the first robotic surgery on two teenagers with congenital heart defects.

20.04.2024 07:54

5 recommendations for improving parent-child relationships

If the father does not initiate contact with the child, try to create opportunities for communication between them. This can be through calls, video calls, shared activities, and more.

19.04.2024 10:35

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